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#1 2015-12-16 15:56:52


Epic proxy + private VPN, really working good together?


I recentlty knew about epic browser so I am testing its features. I am a bit confused about the proxy feature as I am no expert in privacy and connection settings. For personal reasons I use a private VPN server to acces the web.

If I understand it right, only the traffic sent over the Epic browser is going throuh the proxy (if active of course), meaning if I open a torrent service or a different browser, this traffic will not use epic proxy, correct? That would explain the different IP lookup results that I get in Epic and in Chrome, for instance.

Another point, is the traffic over the proxy still being encrypted by the VPN? Or is the VPN being bypassed somehow (don't know even if that's possible)? As far as I know, proxies usually are not supporting VPN encrypted traffic unless it is over port 80. I am using always TCP VPN protocol 443 port so, confused...

If anybody can support and/or clarify a bit.

Thanks and congratulations for developing such a good browser!

Thanks in advance, a


#2 2016-01-09 00:04:24


Re: Epic proxy + private VPN, really working good together?

Correct that Epic only encrypts its own or browser data via the proxy i.e. you're right other browsers/torrent traffic will not go through Epic's proxy.

Not sure if the VPN would encrypt the proxy traffic (it's via in Epic I believe a socks5 proxy)...anyone else know?


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