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#1 2016-04-14 17:16:11


Epic browser update crashes

When I try to install the Update it fails and Epic crashes. Again I have disabled my Sophos anti-virus and set my security preferences to allow downloads.
Is it something to do with SIP?

Console log 4/14/16 11:58:35.348 AM Epic[638]: Sparkle Error (continued): Sparkle Updater: Possible attack in progress! Attempting to "upgrade" from 2462 to 49.0.2575.0. Aborting update.
4/14/16 11:58:35.453 AM[1]: (com.hiddenreflex.Epic.167392[638]) Service exited due to signal: Segmentation fault: 11
4/14/16 11:58:35.712 AM[1]: ([724]) Endpoint has been activated through legacy launch(3) APIs. Please switch to XPC or bootstrap_check_in():


#2 2016-04-21 14:59:28


Re: Epic browser update crashes

Sorry about that -- Epic should have or should be installing properly now!


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