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#1 2017-03-19 07:53:09


Epic Browser Search Engine Privacy??

Hi All,

Thanks for this most awesome Privacy Browser! The best thing ever, and so badly needed.

I have a question about Epic Search Engine privacy. Tonight I was using Search, and noticed when I searched Images, the url was BING!! How in the world can Bing Search be private? This makes me quite nervous. I have IE browser installed of course, and Firefox, where I use DuckDuckGo search engine.  I don't use IE, unless I have to download something that can only be obtained through that browser. I'm using Win 8.1.

Does Micro$oft put something on our computers to try and track us when using a privacy browser? On my Windows 7_x64 PC, they joined Epic Browser to IE , with output to my default browser, Firefox, via the Registry. I went to Reg Edit and found the links by accident. I deleted everything where the two browsers were joined, and deleted Firefox. Then they did it again using Opera, so I deleted it too. They gained access through the network. My win 7 was not registered with M$ at the time, though it is a legal OEM version.

Thanks in advance for any answers, and keep up with the good work on this incredible browser.


#2 2017-03-28 06:52:31


Re: Epic Browser Search Engine Privacy??

Don't worry, epicsearch links to Bing for images as we don't have our own image search.  So it wasn't Microsoft doing anything to Epic or tracking you (in this case at least).  Bing generally doesn't mind proxies (unlike Google) and isn't that private, but we're unable to trust DuckDuckGo or other so-called private search engines at present so we wouldn't recommend them either.   

We wish we had other options :-(


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