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#1 2017-04-14 09:42:37


All Youtube Searches Added To Avast Safe Games List!?


I'm new here, tried Epic two days ago (posted here but my posts never showed up? Hope this one gets thru.)

As the title says: Avast saved all my youtube searches as new games!??

I tried to retrieve the list but I don't know how yet. (Took a look at the trusted games in Avast and there was just a couple of ones, I deactivated the feature)

What was that? You experts tell me, thanks and looking forward to using Epic more!



#2 2017-04-28 02:15:18


Re: All Youtube Searches Added To Avast Safe Games List!?

Hi Jess, this is very strange...we have no idea what's going on!! 

I would guess that you have Avast antivirus and some other Avast software installed (maybe their VPN?  or their browser?), and that software captured your YouTube searches and has saved them.  Not sure why Avast would save them though, surely sounds strange!

Any Epic users have any ideas?


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