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#1 2017-05-23 14:07:53


Autocomplete suggestions that link to my prior searches on chrome! :(

I am very concerned that everytime I put a search into the epic search bar it is autocompleting with websites I used to visitregularly using the google chrome search engine, that I stopped using in order to move to epic. I have never ever visited any of these sites in epic!! And they are not commonly visited websites.  They are niche websites that wouldn't be in a database in an autocomplete database in a million years. It is also autocompleting with the exact pages I have visited within the specific website -
so if it was a contact page, it autocompletes with that full address extension.

So it is basically linking up with my previous chrome history somehow, and this worries me alot. Especially as all browsing history, cookies, etc etc have been deleted from chrome (and epic).

Please help as this makes me want to ditch Epic immediately.


#2 2017-05-25 06:13:37


Re: Autocomplete suggestions that link to my prior searches on chrome! :(

Autocomplete is done entirely by a local database with suggestions at the bottom coming from your bookmarks.  There are no calls to any server and there is no record of your browsing history anywhere in Epic (except for tab back/forth). 

Epic's autocomplete database has ten thousand websites in it including many obscure it may just have some of the less-visited sites in it :-).


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