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#1 2018-02-10 22:10:47


Video Downloder being able to download youtube playlists?

So there is a fetcher I wish was in the epic video downloader that I also noticed a problem with. I wish if you where trying to download a video from youtube that wasn't your only choice. I wish you could also download an entire playlist. Now that wouldn't just be good for the epic browser but it be incredible because mostly if you try to download a youtube playlist from a website you have to pay for it witch is ridicules because I'v seen SOME website that don't make you pay.If epic could implement that that would be really good. I would love to see that and for anyone wondering the problem I have is that if you try to download a video while it was on a playlist (as if the playlist was under or to the side of the video playing) then it wouldn't download witch sucks. So if that bug could be fixed that be great but if epic could download playlist that be even better!


#2 2018-03-26 23:49:57


Re: Video Downloder being able to download youtube playlists?

Thanks!!  Good idea!!  The video downloader is a low priority for us as we're a small team, but we hope to be able to work on improving it over time :-).


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