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#1 2018-03-22 00:57:26


add sandbox + amnesic


I'm using EB and first, congratulations to the developers! You killed the snake and showed the stick!
I have two suggestions: two layers of protection: a sandbox, isolating it from the local machine, and amesic, running it entirely in RAM. It would be possible? Then we would have an isolated and amnesic browser smile

What do you think?



#2 2018-03-26 22:35:05


Re: add sandbox + amnesic

Thanks so much for your support & the great thoughts! 

Yes, we'd LOVE to do more in terms of O.S. level local privacy.  If you're highly concerned about that, you can use TAILS at present though it does take quite some time to configure unfortunately.

We have worked on putting Epic in a virtual machine or having more data stored in RAM.  The problem with the former is that many browser functions break and the user experience isn't that great.  The problem with the latter is that even if data is in RAM, much of it can still be in Windows system or other files, so that data may still be on your system even on close even if it was in RAM.  We continue to investigate ways to make Epic more private and these kinds of ideas are good!


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