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#1 2018-04-15 12:40:35


Torrent download

Hi I have been using the  Epic browser to try to keep my internet provider from detecting my online activity but it has not worked properly here is a copy of the email sent to me from my internet provider after I downloaded a movie torrent :It has been brought to our attention that your Internet service was recently used to improperly copy or share copyrighted content such as music, movies, video or software using Peer-to-Peer or Torrenting software.

This is your third notification about violations to the AUP, but thus far the activity has not stopped. Spectrum reserves the right to suspend or terminate services for AUP violations.

As an Internet Service Provider, Charter Communications, doing business as Spectrum, is obligated to comply with copyright laws, as expressly stated in our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP): By using Spectrum’s services, you agreed to this AUP. It is possible that this activity has occurred without your permission or knowledge by a minor who may not fully understand copyright laws, by an unauthorized user, or even as a result of a computer virus. We encourage you to install security software that prevents viruses. As an Internet customer, security software is included free of charge with your Internet service. To download security software on your computer, visit (Please help me avoid detection from my internet provider thank you)


#2 2018-09-17 22:10:47


Re: Torrent download

Epic doesn't protect any downloading you do outside of Epic e.g. with utorrent or other torrent clients.  So your ISP will that directly.  You need an OS-based or regular VPN to protect against that.


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