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#1 2013-09-28 08:28:47


keychain access

I just started using epic. I was logging in to my webmail. Epic asked to use the info in my keychain. I erroneously assumed that it was asking to use the info in my keychain that pertained to this login and I pressed "Always allow" - Apparently the wrong move. I didn't notice that it was asking to use info for a different site that I previously logged into. Now, I cannot input my correct password. I've gone into my keychain access panel and made sure that epic always asks to use the keychain for this login but epic insists on asking to use the other site's login info. If I deny, I get nowhere. Of course, if I allow, I get nowhere because it's the wrong password.

How do I clear that "Always allow!??!

Thank you. Other than that and the awkward New Tabs page with the oversized panels, I like what I've experienced thus far.

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#2 2013-09-30 22:59:38


Re: keychain access

Thanks for the feedback & your support!

Can you send us your screen resolution & a screenshot of the panels?  Our new tab page may not be resolving well for you?!  My direct email is alok at hiddenreflex dot com - or you could post here.   Thanks so much!!

Do any mac users have ideas about this keychain issue?  I don't use keychain unfortunately but we'll try to re-create & fix it.  I can tell you this is chromium/chrome behaviour - they keep accessing the keychain...we've tried to curtail that & that may be what's creating the issue?!  Do you have similar problems with chrome or chromium if you happen to use ither?


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