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#1 2018-09-04 19:27:31


Epicsetup.exe does not start

I've decided to give this browser a go but I cannot install it on my computer:
I download the epicsetup.exe, doubleclick on it and nothing happens. I've tried to run it as administrator and as normal user and nothing. It appears that it starts but immediately crashes. I did not do any trace yet but I might do.

I have latest W10 64b, 24gb ram, I believe second gen of i5 cpu.

Do you have any standalone installation that does not require downloading files from web?

Thanks and have a nice day.


#2 2018-09-20 02:18:35


Re: Epicsetup.exe does not start

No idea what's going on as Epic should work fine on W10.  We only support the installation with our updater at this point.  Strange that Epic opens then crashes. 

Does anyone have any recommendations? 

Not sure what's happened. 

You can try uninstalling Epic again, then deleting the Epic folder, then re-installing.  When installing Epic, be sure to be connected directly to a modem with a good connection.

To delete the Epic folder, in a Windows Navigator window type %localappdata% then delete the Epic Privacy Browser folder.  Upon installation go back to that folder and see if a .exe file is anywhere inside.

Note that unfortunately Chromium no longer supports XP or Vista so Epic won't work on those systems.


#3 2018-09-21 03:52:32


Re: Epicsetup.exe does not start

Hi, I had the same issue just a few minutes ago. Found out the reason was the ISP blocking the DNS name for Epic Installer. Temporarily using proxy in the Internet Explorer(eq. mine was port 3128, a Russian IP) would allow to complete the installation of the Epic Privacy Browser.


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