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#1 2018-09-27 17:55:59


Epic Browser keeps freezing.

My OS is Win 10.

Ever since the windows updates a couple of weeks ago I have been putting up with the epic browser freezing every time I try to bookmark a web site.

Today a Microsoft agent has spent over 1 and a half hours trying too fix it. At one point  he did get a browser bookmarking to work.

Unfortunately after deleting a lot of updates, files and tempory filesand finished downoading update (KB4458469) and restarting epic browser still freezes.

So I downloaded epic browser again and that still freezes after the same process of trying to bookmark a web site. ( I did not uninstall the original as I did not want to lose my bookmarks).

I have tried Chrome browser and Microsoft Edge browsers and they both worked ok with bookmarks.

Is there any way round this without losing my bookmarks?

Perhaps exporting my bookmarks to Chrome say, uninstalling epic, install from fresh, and then import  the bookmarks back from Chrome.

Would the Chrome browser still hold those bookmarks so I have a back up?

I am surprised it seems no one in the forum has posted the same problem, because according to a search on Google there are loads, who have, on both Chrome and M.soft Edge there are loads on both of them.

Hope you can help.



#2 2018-10-02 01:19:40


Re: Epic Browser keeps freezing.

Strange regarding bookmarks.  It's a very less intensive operation, so this is strange you're having issues with it.  We have a major update coming in a few weeks which may solve it.

You can always via the Bookmarks Manager back up your bookmarks in Epic. 

I don't think re-installing Epic will solve this issue, but you could try it.  You can also always try "Reset Epic" which is an option at the bottom of the Settings page.


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