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#1 2021-01-09 14:10:45


Are you Epic Browser Team taking care of these topics?

Hi there,

1. Ads, any improvements soon?

Ive been using Epic for a couple of months and I can confirm that it doesnt block all ads. Yes it block trackers and the extra ISP, ultrasound, etc hidden tech which is great, but ads are still appearing and at a practical level is very annoying and can damage the computer. Brave, Iron and Comodor to put a few are catching up really well with ads' new strategies to keep popping up anyways, making Epic the only one so far I see that while it promises to block them, they actually get their way to the screen.

2. Fingerprinting, any improvements soon?

So far Brave is beating with its randomizing feature on every single fingerprint scanner while Epic doesnt. If you then count on using the new app GoLogin, then EpicBrowser inbuilt antifingerprint seems very undeveloped despite the hopes of the developers on the forum for it to become better.

3. Vagueness on forum

You give a great service, but speed it up please. Or hire volunteers to keep it moving, if you can't manage all, honor the truth and delegate. There is a bunch of people whod like to help Im sure, just have a look at github projects. Ive check this forum and there are several messages about tweaks that could be done, fingerprinting requests, vagueness, confusion, glitches, and ..........many messages of seems unconcrete.

Please dont fall into the redundant ironic hole of judging others arent safe, legit, etc (search engines and browsers) while you arent either delegating and making it open-transparent to speed up work, because incongruence wont deliver sincerity and concreteness. It feels hard to grasp a project like that and if the others are catching up with better test results...... no matter how solidly fund you values are (I loved the video at Ted), practicality will anyways beat the mind you project.

Please guys give it a thought, you do give a great service.

Let us know!!

Thank you


#2 2021-01-24 10:41:53


Re: Are you Epic Browser Team taking care of these topics?

Is anyone of your team capable to be responsible to reply to my post instead of not approving it and giving silence? How long do you wanna give silence for?


#3 2021-03-04 10:48:34


Re: Are you Epic Browser Team taking care of these topics?

Sorry for the delay, great thoughts!  We also use randomizing for some anti-fingerprinting measures.  We keep working to improve Epic.  We would like to have more volunteers help us -- the problem we had in the past is that volunteer dev.s took a lot of time to get started then never made any contribution.  Epic / Chromium is difficult to work with, so it's tough to get volunteers to help but we're certainly open to it.  We do keep working to keep improving Epic and welcome all feedback :-).


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