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#1 2021-03-23 00:59:10


Re: Info on Bookmarks Mgr and "Bookmark all open tabs"

Only create a new folder if you have different or new subjects I.E. weather, games etc. It is  true that when you select "bookmark all open tabs", the bookmarks mgr. automatically creates a new folder.
You can open the bookmark manager and move your bookmarks to the appropriate folder by dragging URLs to the named folder.
When you save a bookmark under "Bookmarks" use the "bookmark this tab".  A dropdown box will appear giving you options of "More" which will give you a list of folders and giving you the option of putting your bookmark in the appropriate folder. You can also edit the title if you wish.

If you click under the "Epic" toolbar you can also import your bookmarks from your other browser I.E."and perhaps save some effort.

If this doesn't help, repost or clarify your question as I am basing this on MacOS 11.2.3 Big Sur. I hope this helps.


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