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#1 2018-08-20 01:58:11


Epic will not import my Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks

I have tried several times but Epic will not import Firefox Bookmarks.  It says that the import was successful but they don't show up in the bookmarks bar like IE does.  I don't even want the IE bookmarks.

Firefox Browser is closed. I was able to import those bookmarks to another browser that I tried but later deleted because there were just too many problems right from the gate.  It is enough of a hassle just looking for and finding alternatives to the Communist Jackboot Censorship of Google.  I quit Facebook and Twitter 2 years ago for same reason.  Just discovered that Firefox has partnered with George Soros and has just last week joined with Facebook and the rest under the guise of "Fighting Fake News Online" In my opinion Firefox has flipped and betrayed it's users.
I am tired of trying to find something that is easy, as I have already created a new email account, several alternatives, Facebook alternatives, several new search engines to use, and I am getting tired of having to delete all these new browser downloads after spending so much time trying to figure them out and make them work, and would love to stay with Firefox but I must have the courage of my convictions and I will not cow tow to these sellouts, actually traitors to the American people.

Anyway, I want my Firefox Bookmarks, VERY Important.


#2 2019-03-11 08:17:05


Re: Epic will not import my Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks

I know it's late to answer this but hope this helpful for others,You can check for problems with the places.sqlite database (bookmarks and history) in the Firefox profile folder.
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