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#1 2022-03-13 21:03:54


Re: Epic Encrypted Proxy

Just disable the VPN if you don't wish to use it.
Read this … ermissions,  it might help.

This section "Install and manage extensions" is the part you might be interested in. Be advised that this Epic version is Chrome 91 and the help article may have been written for version 99 or another. As the versions change so do a lot of things and I'm not aware of what OS or version you are using not that that would be useful.

Here is some more info that might be informative

Good luck.
Proxy 1


#2 2022-03-22 11:34:39


Re: Epic Encrypted Proxy

Yes, if a site is white-listed then it should bypass the encrypted proxy but occasionally it may still go over the proxy (it works say 99% of the time).


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