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#1 2023-12-08 20:38:01


Re: MAC proxy

Please go to the Extensions page and enable the Encrypted Proxy extension -- then you should see it. 

In case you don't see them on that page, try these steps:

1. Close the Epic browser to ensure that no processes are actively using the user profile files.

2. For Macs, navigate to the Epic folder in Application Support then to the Default folder therein.
(Open Application Support by pressing option and clicking on the "Go" option in the top menu.  Go to Application Support then Hidden Reflex then Epic then Default. )

(For Windows, in a window navigate to the specified path: C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Epic Privacy Browser\User Data\Default (replace "user" with your actual username).)

3. Within the "Default" folder, locate and delete the following files:

A. Preferences
B. Secure Preferences
These files store user preferences and settings, and deleting them will reset the Epic browser extensions to their default configuration.

4. After deleting these files, you can reopen the Epic browser. It should revert to its default state with default extensions. However, any extensions you installed from the Chrome Web Store or other sources will be removed, and you will need to reinstall them manually.

Remember that performing these steps will reset your browser's extensions settings, but it won't affect your bookmarks, browsing history, or other personal data, as they are typically stored separately in the browser profile folder.


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