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#1 2014-05-18 13:47:36


Epic forgets my proxy settings in Apple System Preferences

Hello, I'm using Epic version 34.0.1771.0

I have set my own proxy inside System Preferences Panel, but Epic disregard the option “Disable Epic Proxy" after a certain amount of time of use of Epic. The result is a broken red padlock in Epic address bar. I need to go back to Epic preferences and tick again “Disable Epic Proxy”. Under this settings, I should not see any padlock in the address bar.

FYI: the box to tick the option “Disable Epic Proxy” does not work properly. I always need to insist and click twice to make the box ticked. Annoying when you do this 5 times a day!

This is a recurring pesky bug since previous versions of Epic. For Mac users that use a third-party website-filtering proxy, it is very annoying.

Thanks for your support. Hope this problem will be fixed in the next release.



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