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#1 2013-10-22 01:32:03


Re: How do we know epic isn't a honeypot? (being approved)

Not sure where your message is - but your question is pretty clear. 

Epic's been found to be not malicious by dozens of security software firms. 

In terms of possible calls going out that could be transmitting data - you can always check that no "strange" calls are going out.  Earlier, we had disabled but not removed the google safe-browsing code and so there were half a dozen calls going out trying to establish a connection - users caught that because of the strange calls. 

Many many privacy services have a philosophy of "trust us to delete your data" - and they have millions of users in fact - we don't believe in that - we don't want your browsing to pass through any of our servers and we don't want to be know who you are when your searches come through our search servers and that's how epic is designed, that's our philosophy.  Your browsing & searches should always be private -- that doesn't mean "trust us to delete your data" but that we never see you or your data.   

We're transparent about what we do, what are goals are, how Epic works, who we are, and how we're sustainable.


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