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#1 2019-09-08 03:45:09


02 Epic Filer Crashes

I use EPIC to access flickr and several other sites, but only on flickr do I have problems with it.  In fact, flickr claims it is an unsupported browser although I use it because it blocks hundreds of trackers per minutes. My questions:

1)  For several months, using EPIC while on flickr, I have noticed that every 5 minutes or so I get an error message from EPIC saying "02 EPIC filter crashed, click balloon to reload."  What is the significance of this error message, and what might be happening?

2)  What is the implication when that filter crashes?  Does it allow flickr to pass through EPIC's protections for users?

3)  Finally, can flickr take actions to ensure that EPIC does not work on their site?  My experience on flickr just changed today;  I noticed that most site features are unavailable UNLESS the 02 EPIC filter crashes.

Thanks for any help or info you may have!



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