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#1 2013-11-27 11:23:53


How can we see blocked snooper details?

I've just started to use Epic so forgive me if I've missed something obvious...
A pop-up window is displayed that says "+1 Microsoft blocked and 3 others" (or something like that).
I want to see the details of exactly who's snooping.
I've tried clicking on the pop-up window (which just seems to close it) and can't find anything in the help section on how to view a log.
So is there a way to see more information?


#2 2013-12-12 12:34:03


Re: How can we see blocked snooper details?

Unfortunately we don't have the exact details on those other trackers blocked hence we don't list the names (so there's no way to see them now) ...but we're working on making our ability to identify each tracker more soon you'll see more names and fewer numbers and such listed!!


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