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#1 Re: Epic Windows Bugs » EPIC Browser for Macbook Air » 2015-11-13 03:32:39

Hello Sathi,
Why you gave me that's email address didn't work,when i sent email to them.
When i opened the epic browser can't go facebook and google,only can go and website.
I can't see proxy on and off in the epic browser,just can see on top right star always yellow,can't see unbralle in epic broeser,do you know why?

#2 Re: Epic Windows Bugs » EPIC Browser for Macbook Air » 2015-11-13 03:27:18

Hello Sathi,
Why i sent email to your gave me that address didn't work?

#3 Re: Epic Windows Bugs » EPIC Browser for Macbook Air » 2015-11-12 03:15:37

Hello Sathi,
Thanking for your help,i had try send email to him help me,but not gave me reply.
I used epic browser can't go google,youtube,facebook.
Only can go,
When i opened epic browser,Can't see proxy on and off,just saw the website upper right quarter star always yellow.
And didn't see unbrella.I didn't know what's happend.

#4 Epic Windows Bugs » EPIC Browser for Macbook Air » 2015-11-07 14:02:46

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Hello Everyone!
Why i download epic browser for mack didn't work? i had been successful to download and then installed,but opened the epic still yellow,can't go facebook.
I used system Version 10.11 for Macbook Air,i try many time to insalled but still didn't work.
Please help me!!!

#5 Epic Mac Bugs » Macbook air 10.11 didn't work EPIC Browser???? (being approved) » 2015-11-07 05:29:48

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Hey anybody,
Why i installed epic browser successful,but when i opened it didn't work,Who's can help me???
I try delete and re-installed many time ,but epic still didn't work.....
I used macbook air system 10.11,it's new computer i used.
Please tell me what's problem for my book? and why didn't use epic brower.

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