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#1 Re: Epic Privacy Browser - Privacy Features & Privacy Concerns » epic uses firefox plugins? » 2013-12-17 23:52:20

There is still branding of Chrome in the web kit what would be nice to be changed to report epic

User agent also should state epic but is still says Chrome, sorry but you been working on this software long enough now yes been private is good but lying about the browser you are is also bad.


I hope Epic will make sure there browser will become part of the leaders and make sure there branding will become in place.


#2 Re: Epic Windows Bugs » Epic Browser remembering things » 2013-12-17 23:04:26

The website I having a big problem with is this website gets stuck in loop with and without proxy I just get a white window and the loading icon on the tab.

#3 Re: Epic Windows Bugs » Epic Browser remembering things » 2013-12-17 16:50:23

Thanks for the reply, also I have found that the chrome updater named epic updater still seeds its self in to the start up tho as I read it does not work it still places it self there.

I will be glad to update soon as your new version is out smile I had problems with disabling the proxy sometimes on this version
Version 31.0.1650.57 (196386).

I will keep a eye on any sites I use and will post any links I having a problem with, but I have them set not to remember already and it still remembers gmail and facebook but it does not always do it, I really enjoy your browser and I hope to see it grow.

#4 Epic Windows Bugs » Epic Browser remembering things » 2013-12-14 12:31:49

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From what I read the browser is meant to clean its sessions on closing and removed history and cookies but this is NOT happening for it is remembering login details even after I click not for this site/never to save login details for the follwoing

#Facebook, on reboot it will forget the facebook details tho
#Gmail, this never forgets no matter what.

I do NOT have chrome installed and never have, I only have IE and Epic on this laptop but what is the point of a browser to leave no trace and not be tracked if it leaves a trace.

It also false to load some websites and if given websites are HTTPs it wont let me disable the proxy to be able to load the website right.

#Fasthost gets stuck in a loop and will never load

I see this happen for many websites when proxy is enabled it gets stuck in a loop but the proxy button just lets you disable it from global i think it says but stays active for that page your on.

#5 Epic Windows Bugs » Proxy enabled bug » 2013-10-29 20:35:33

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I am having a problem with websites and when the proxy is enabled, I had to disable it to make it work what kind of makes it pointless.


I know when using a proxy it can brake things but when you trying to make a browser for people to use a proxy should be set up right so it at lest shows the websites right smile

I hope this software is going to grow and I hope you find ways to do this without a proxy as NO proxy will be there for ever finding means to get around things without a proxy would be better, I know this is not possible right now but I hope you guys are looking in to means without the need of a proxy.

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