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#1 Re: Epic Windows Bugs » Problems » 2014-03-25 11:39:41

Google can buy out all the software companies in the world, it will just infuriate us more trying to find a way around their abuses. It is not right for the installer to define for itself the place of the installation, even if my government passes a law enforcing that Google is now a divine power. I do not care how they do it, if you are doing it too, it means I've got someone else to complain with.
Why the hell can't things start working thinking of the end consumer first?

#2 Epic Windows Bugs » Intruder Installer » 2014-03-25 11:32:25

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So I click install and it chooses where the hell it wants to install? What, are we back to the 80's when people were too stupid in the subject to have the authority over their own computers? Wasn't putting the users first for a change one of the central ideas of this community?
I have a partitioned disk, and I don't want any crap - yes, any software I'm testing is crap unless hard proven otherwise - in the C: drive! Am I a big freak of nature for having such thing as a partitioned disk?! Do I need to start a campaign to think of minorities like me?! Ffs, its common practice! Also, even if partitioning a disk is sin in India or something, it should at least give me the power to choose the directory I want it to be. It doesn't even tell me its going to rob me of 300mb+ somewhere that is none of my business!

And please, don't you sensor my topic if you do not like the tone. It's the most caring one possible for me: its been clean up to include no profanities. The fact that nothing works as it should now-a-days is driving me nuts.

#3 Privacy News, Privacy Violations, Privacy Discussions » Where is my post? » 2014-03-25 11:31:59

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Great, now I've wasted my time to write to your support and it wasn't even posted! Can I see my posts if they are waiting to be aproved? If not, how come I can see someone else's? So I've found issues withing 15 minutes of using the browser and my post disapears. The forums doesn't cover basic stuff, such as other Epic services that people may want to comment about - the faulty search engine and the glitched forums.

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