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#1 2017-04-29 21:55:27


Too many epic files open in Windows process tab

So, just started using epic today - 29th April 2017, and yet I have observed too many epic.exe*32 (10+) opened at the same time and under the Windows 7 platform's  task manager.,  Purposely executed for security and privacy reasons when using the browser? -  - Possible bug in software? - With all that chunk of RAM used for these multiple executions of the same file, epic is not really a 'light' browser. This can be a real problem for the overall stability when using your computer.

Has anyone found a logical solution? - Have the developers of Epic taken note of this issue?

Any help & suggestions are welcomed.


#2 2017-05-25 05:10:28


Re: Too many epic files open in Windows process tab

A lot of our privacy features such as the encrypted proxy, the tracker blocking, the ad blocking, run as different processes...that's why there are several processes that run even when Epic just starts.  Then for security every tab is a separate process (this is part of Chromium).

It does take up more RAM, but this architecture leads to a faster user experience (the browser reacts faster) and more security!


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