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#1 2014-11-20 14:01:42


Epic 2459 & Mountain Lion Spaces


I have installed Epic 2459 and so far I'm happy. No ad blocking problem, no button disappearance. So far, no problem memorising my proxy choice. However, I am on Mountain Lion and I do not plan to upgrade. Especially with the latest sneaky OS X release—Yosemite—that logs pretty much everything you do on a Mac.

There is a small issue with opening several windows of Epic on different spaces in Mountain Lion. It's simply not possible. When I open a new window on another space, it simply moves me back to the initial space where the first Epic window was opened, while opening the new window. I did not have this issue with former Epic releases. I then need to slide that new window onto the next space myself. Fine. But, when, in this new window, I'm in full screen mode—through pressing a Javascript-enabled icon (in the website) allowing me to view a chart in full screen mode—then Epic never allows me to view this chart. Epic consistently brings me back to the very initial space where the first Epic window was open. As a result, it is definitely not possible to access my second Epic window, in fact the chart itself.

Also, to make things worse, the Apple menu disappears as well…

Thank you for your help…



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