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#1 2013-10-30 20:00:24



OS : Win XP, SP3
Epic: latest, from here

0. Comodo antivirus flags the installer as malware on heuristic scan, but it tests clean by direct scan, or uploaded on Virustotal;
1. EpicSetup.exe isen't an (offline) installer, but a downloader/installer; this should be clearly announced, perhaps by renaming this file, changing its icon & adding some info text in the Zip file;
2. one error during the download process, presumably caused by interaction with my firewall. As the window said "ignore so we are informed", I continued;
3. after download, the install process per se took forever (on the order of 10 mn). I was about to kill it when it terminated;
4. after install the program wanted to scan all files from the HD (as per my firewall). I allowed it once, but it asked for it again, so I blocked it. That looks suspiciously like malware! If the process is normal you should clearly say so;
5. launching the program, nothing works (the usual Chrome window opens, the menus react but have no effect);
6. during install it should also be possible to opt-out from desktop icon & taskbar pinning.

But what made me really angry, is the install location: in Local Settings\Application Data\ !!! I already hate programs who consider my HD as their private property and leave no choice for said location, but that is even contrary to Microsoft specs. So please add an install-location-choice during the install process!

And now I'll uninstall it, and look how cleanly, or not, it does it…


#2 2014-02-19 13:42:45


Re: Problems

Hi -- sorry this reply is coming up a bit late. 

Thanks for the great & detailed feedback -- do keep it coming as you continue to use Epic.

Did the menus ever start working?  That's odd -- sounds like the browser wasn't quite working -- we haven't encountered this issue. 

Our installer at that point behaved a bit erratically which may have caused some firewall issues, though we continue to get an error which you can ignore with Windows Firewall on install -- the installer issues are all solved by the way.   

Installing in the Application Data is standard for Chromium actually and an official place for Windows programs -- not sure why chromium used that instead of Program Files which is the standard...we'll try to offer an option on install and are definitely working on a portable version / direct installer.


#3 2014-03-25 10:39:41


Re: Problems

Google can buy out all the software companies in the world, it will just infuriate us more trying to find a way around their abuses. It is not right for the installer to define for itself the place of the installation, even if my government passes a law enforcing that Google is now a divine power. I do not care how they do it, if you are doing it too, it means I've got someone else to complain with.
Why the hell can't things start working thinking of the end consumer first?


#4 2014-05-16 09:32:46


Re: Problems

We understand how personal your computer and how you want to control where and how things go. 

We hope in the future to give you the option to decide where Epic installs, but at the moment it's difficult for us to modify that part of chromium (but it would be great if you code to add this to the open source installer omaha).  You can though always move the Epic folder anywhere you want and it should *mostly* work, maybe one or two things in Epic may not like saved passwords or such.


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