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#1 2015-06-03 20:47:55


epic problems part 2

fix epic proxy slow problem and incompavility and loading problems  and security bugs

fix epic problems the browser don't update for a new version no matter what

make a new update epic browser notification when the browser update it or a new update is available

make a new desing browser with hd icons

update the browser flash player and shockwave player

increase the security remote for all browsers

reduce the false and positive bugs ports and errors and crashing

update all browser engine to  prevent dos attaks  scrips attacks  flooding attaks  crashing attacks
brute force attack and more  cold be vulnerable TO ANY ATTACK MAKE THE BROWSER NOT RESPONDING

fix the https browser cold be vulnerable and proxy and ports communications

make a fast and new encryption speed and secure to prevent malware traking and more but with nope affection performance

update hipe ip the ip always the same need constant ip change or randown fix or a add bototn say change for a new hipe my ip something like that

add new modules for fast video downloading and compression
add  better hardware rending for better video quality


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