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#1 2021-09-15 05:21:14


CloudFlare DDoS Protection Fails to Execute, Infinite Loop

Some sites that use Cloudflares DDoS Protection don't seem to work with Epic Browser. When you load the page, you see the cloudflare DDoS protection page, then the page refreshes, then you see the cloudflare DDoS page again. This loops forever.

If you open developer tools you'll see the initial request to the page returns a server 503 with the page rendering a "please enable javascript and reload the page" message from cloudflare.

This is with a fresh install of the browser, and happens with all plugins disabled or enabled and turned off. Connected to the proxy/vpn or not. adblock turned on or not. I've made sure javascript is enabled too. Nothing works.

Someone else reported the same problem accessing a site here that also uses Cloudflare DDoS protection:

Even with everything disabled (proxy/vpn, adblock, etc.) it still doesn't load. What is Epic Browser doing that is interfering with the javsacript cloudflare wants to run if I have everything disabled?


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