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#1 Re: Epic Privacy Browser - Help & Troubleshooting » Malwarebytes Antivirus removes Epic for "Quasar Backdoor" Trojan » 2020-06-12 22:26:34

I learned a ***LONG TIME AGO*** not to be 100% confident in MalwareBytes scan results.


A perfectly safe, long-used, hard drive utility was flagged PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) by MalwareBytes -- for no valid reason.

Sure (at the time) I did freak out and let MB disable that utility.
But, after investigating, I re-installed it within a few days, problem-free.
Please note also the NO OTHER A-V PROGRAM -- and I've tried-out a large number of them -- has *ever* flagged the very same utility!

Since then I take a very close look at the 'scan results' MB logs, NEVER AUTOMATICALLY AGREEING to let MB disable anything it finds, do some research on the supposedly offending item, and *almost* never allow MB to disable anything it's found objectionable.
(One exception found a year or two ago turned out really to be a nasty.
That, however, was on someone else's machine I was re-configuring.)

Bottom line:
Unless you're using 'Premium' Malwarebytes, it was free for use.
And you generally "get what you pay for."
(Suggestion:  look at some of the many reviews for this and other A-V software.
You might be more than a little surprised at what you find.)


So, after reading these posts, I ran MalwareBytes; files as updated to the following releases:
Update package 1.0.25448 
component package version 1.0.875

Not the slightest sign of "Quasar Backdoor Trojan" in EPIC for me.
(But that PUP message for my hard drive utility DOES still show up!)

===>> Trainspotters_on_Acid:  "I myself ended up ditching Epic altogether ..."
As above, that's what I'd done with the hard drive utility.
Won't make that mistake again with what's clearly a  'FALSE POSITIVE .'

===>> elnoetic:  " I most certainly trust Malwarebytes more than I do Epic. "
I take the completely opposite point of view for reasons already stated.
===>> "In a search, I can find no reference to Epic and 'Quasar Backdoor Trojan'."

Then let's leave this as a question for alok_epicteam:

Can you offer any reason why this False Positive is being triggered for EPIC?

#2 Re: Epic Privacy Browser - Help & Troubleshooting » Can't Access eBay in Epic - - Java Failure » 2020-05-23 20:49:17

It's a pleasure to report that after many months of fighting this problem yesterday (May 22nd) I successfully signed in to eBay when using the EPIC Privacy Browser.

Version 80.0.3987.87 (Official Build) (32-bit) doesn't appear to have changed at all.
What changed (AFAIK) seems solely to be on eBay's end of things:

No longer challenged to click on numerous boxes (crosswalks, traffic lights, buses, motorcycles, chimneys, ad infinitum ad nauseum), now the only 'verify your identity' challenge is to "slide the missing piece to complete the puzzle."

And that *did* work, on the very first try!

First time in a long while that I'd even bothered trying.

#3 Re: Epic Privacy Browser - Help & Troubleshooting » Pop Up Videos » 2020-01-31 19:48:11

If you're still interested, Alok...

alok_epicteam wrote:

We haven't had a chance yet to check into this -- thanks for reminding us though to check into it.  Does anyone know if there's an adblock list which blocks them?  Is there anyway you're seeing them blocked in other browsers or via other extensions?

..."Blocked in other browsers," apparently *IS* being done in the new M-S Chrome/Edge release.

This from security guru Steve Gibson on 2020.01.21
[Excerpts from the 'Security Now' show notes, filename sn/sn-750.txt]


STEVE: ...this Chromium-based Edge browser abandons Microsoft's own home-rolled Edge HTML rendering engine in favor of Google's open source Chromium.

LEO:  That's an important distinction, by the way, because people are saying, well, just get Chrome.  It isn't Chrome.  It's the Chromium renderer engine; right?

STEVE:  Right, right.  It's the guts.

LEO:  It's the guts.

STEVE:  It's the heart of Chrome.  And a perfect example is that Microsoft has added some additional features to it.

LEO:  Right.  And taken some out, I would bet.

STEVE:  Yes, exactly, yeah.  Well, they de-Google-ized it in order to make it theirs.  I've installed it, and it's quite attractive.  But there are also some nice features, or at least there are some plans to have that.  Under the Settings screen, under Privacy and Services, there's three flavors of tracking prevention:  Basic, Balanced, and Strict.  And so mine is now set to Strict because why not?  There's also supposed to be something a little bit below that on that page.  I've seen screenshots of it, but mine didn't have it.  It's "Block potentially unwanted apps," which sounds like a setting I would like to have.  Maybe it's only available in the canary versions and not yet in the one that you download.  But it sounds like that's going to be coming eventually.

Also there's the ever-popular - oh, thank goodness -
"Block media autoplay," which is not enabled by default. 

You go to edge://settings/content/mediaautoplay to get you to the page that enables you to turn on the blocking to prevent pages from autoplaying any crap that you didn't ask for when the page loads.

So yay for that.


Incidentally, Mr. Gibson's weekly podcast is available as a ROKU app but you can just as easily read the entire shows on his website, via either .PDF or .txt transcription.

#4 Re: Epic Privacy Browser - Help & Troubleshooting » Pop Up Videos » 2019-11-03 14:20:41

This topic was created in August and it's now November...what gives?

Those "pop up" videos are spreading, widely.

Highly annoying, as eris said, they show up BOTH in the lower right corner AND at the top of whatever article/site has invoked them.  Not only do they block otherwise readable text, you have to close both instances to get rid of 'em.

Is this a dead issue for the EPIC team?
Or something being worked on?

#5 Re: Epic Privacy Browser - Help & Troubleshooting » Can't Access eBay in Epic - - Java Failure » 2019-11-03 14:11:37

eBay failure started happening for me yesterday 2019.11.02

Dealt successfully will all the *annoying* 'Captcha' crap the past month or more but yesterday that "prompt" completely fails to load any images! 
Re-set, re-loads, refresh -- none of that worked.

Short of DELETING/re-installing EPIC, what other solution is available?

I *love* EPIC but I *need* eBay access!
(And I sure don't want to go back to Google/Chrome...although that does work.)

#6 Re: Epic Privacy Browser - Help & Troubleshooting » Proxy continues to cause havoc » 2015-05-08 18:39:26

EPIC's proxy server is (arguably) the least useful 'through-put' feature for any of my systems that use it as a primary browser.
2 of them under Windows X/P SP3 and one under Windows 7.
All with max RAM installed.
Wi-Fi connection solely.

eris wrote:

Proxy is excruciatingly slow this morning. Other proxy, starting with 108, was much faster when I restarted.

Same issue for me, yesterday (2015.05.03), when I tried turning it "on" again.
Might try the optional proxy some time but haven't been happy with it "on."
Just sort'a gave up on proxy usage, sadly...

I won't **ever** give up on EPIC itself though!

But some of its features (proxy, EPIC search results, BING as a search engine) simply don't work well for me.

Still, when I fire-up Google's CHROME engine for those increasingly rare times when I get a little too frustrated with EPIC, the amount of 'tracking' detritus found on my HDD is astonishing in size, scope & scale.
The very same garbage EPIC never even allows to reach my HDD!


One recommendation, for all of you, came to me (a long-time user of CCleaner) to eliminate far more of the website/Operating System garbage on our HDDs.

It's called "BleachBit" and the first time I ran it it found well over 200mb of useless data I never wanted nor asked for on my system(s), and CCleaner never found THAT stuff at all!

St. Paul  Minnesota USA

#7 Re: Epic Privacy Browser - Help & Troubleshooting » password manager » 2015-05-08 18:15:08

Same problem with me...

john.penketh wrote:

Password manage has successfully recorded my Hotmail login and password.
However, when I got to Hotmail's login page these details are not offered by Password Manager.

While the option to "save password" came up after a clean re-install of EPIC, it seems HOTMAIL just won't recognize that option.

A minor issue, perhaps, but worth investigating as to "Why not...?"

From an EPIC fan who's often recommended the browser to many others,

St. Paul Minnesota USA

#8 Re: Epic Privacy Browser - Other Feature Requests & Ideas » Removing "Trackers blocked" pop up » 2014-05-08 20:36:14

Occasionally it DOES get a bit distracting but here's a slightly different idea:

Suppose there could be some sort of 'cumulative' log file for all the blocking EPIC performs during a given online session.
Sure, I know opening a new tab yields a running total but that info goes away when closed.

In order to demonstrate the value of EPIC to those unfamiliar with it, I've begun recording stats, before closing the browser, to show what it does.
05/05 Mon     Tracking totals:  330 Third-Party Cookies Blocked  1118 Trackers Blocked
06/06 Tue     Tracking totals:  262 Third-Party Cookies Blocked  1116 Trackers Blocked
05/07 Wed      Tracking totals:  144 Third-Party Cookies Blocked    379 Trackers Blocked

Those to whom such objective, measurable, numbers are presented are more than a bit SHOCKED -- particularly with numbers in excess of 1,000 -- by the efficacy of your product.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a file that accrued these numbers automatically, for subsequent analysis, graphing, or just plain PROMOTING this wonderful browser?

In and of themselves, the pop-ups demonstrate to new users what EPIC's doing.
Putting it altogether might make an easy "convincing argument" for using EPIC!

#9 Re: Epic Privacy Browser - Other Feature Requests & Ideas » Why not charge for Epic? » 2014-05-08 20:19:37

SamuelMaki wrote:

You can already donate if you want smile

And how would one DO that?

Doing everything I can to "spread the word" about this marvelous browser in hopes that critical mass will be obtained and development sustained!

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