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#1 2023-04-20 12:26:34


Re: Flashing Screen upon starting

I'm wondering if the Nvidia video card might have some impact, why not try and disable it then see if that helps. What "new version"  of windows Epic are you using and where did you get it?

There are apparently some problems with it … t-working/.


#2 2023-04-21 02:07:51


Re: Flashing Screen upon starting

Hi, that's odd and sorry about that issue.  Proxy1's guess is a good one, you could try disabling hardware acceleration in Epic's settings and see if that helps?!  We also have a new major update coming soon which may fix this -- the new tab page is redesigned and its loading time can be an issue / may cause the initial white screen -- it still shouldn't take that long.  For that 5-10 seconds are you able to open a new tab or load a url?  Or it's just all white?


#3 2023-04-21 09:24:24


Re: Flashing Screen upon starting

Yep, disabling the Nvidia card fixed problem. When i enabled again, it was also fine, so fixed.... but when restarted whole computer, the problem returned.Tturning off hardware acceleration did nothing. I have noticed the flashes are worse when the computer is thinking more, so getting overloaded?

The new version of epic i used was whatever version was on the epic website a few days ago. But this problem appeared like 8 months ago (it's really hazy, the exact time im not sure), or something around there. I was using it fine and all of a sudden these flashes started, maybe epic updated? but they literally appeared out of nowhere. It was ok and bam all of sudden. Maybe it was after a windows update? Im not sure. Then i started using waterfox.

I quit using epic for the 3rd time then, actually i keep coming back to it and then have to leave for one reason or another, but then some of the bugs are fixed and i come back again and then there's other bug. But basically, ive tried pretty much every browser there is, used and tested, puffin, pale moon, firefox .. developer and beta editions, brave, chameleon, etc... loads of ones, maybe like 15 different ones. My favourites lately were librawolf and esp waterfox because it's so dynamic, waterfox is actually wonderful, can use extensions from chrome and firefox, sooth running, fast, pretty good privacy, except for ownership by system1. But, epic has this 'je ne sais quoi'... something, the way it looks, it's unique and the layout and the mission of course and dedication to privacy. So, i return to it and try to work with it.

For about 4-5 seconds it's loading the program and then flashing the white screen about 5-10 times. Maybe 8, i dont know, i dont exactly, just too many for my poor eyes. It's a blinding shot of white light. Every new tab i try to open at this time has the same flashing, it's just loading some display drivers for the browser i think thats when it's happening. After it's settled it's fine and never happens again for any reason.

I also have a newer alienware laptop where this isnt a problem, which uses a newer nvidia card.

Thanks for the help, all the best, hope the new update fixes it for use on ye olde machine smile


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