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#1 Re: Privacy News, Privacy Violations, Privacy Discussions » “Google Contributor” a Protection Racket? » 2014-11-24 15:10:30

gimpy wrote:

Unfortunately this is the way things are.
Google is an omnipotent, nothing will stop it.

“Evil requires the sanction of the victim.” Choose not to sanction evil!’

#2 Privacy News, Privacy Violations, Privacy Discussions » “Google Contributor” a Protection Racket? » 2014-11-21 19:25:02

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Google’s newest protection racket, known as Google Contributor, will providing ad free surfing and will cost you between $1 to $3 per month or $12 to $36 per year but may only apply to Google content. Epic will do this for free for all ads. Thank you Google for quantifying the real value of Epic to its users. We really need to get Epic on a stable financial footing!

Ads got you down? With Google Contributor you can pay to remove them … -them.html

“The only winning move is not to play the game!”

#3 Re: Epic Windows Bugs » Epic No Longer Working With » 2014-10-15 18:40:29

I first reinstalled Epic but retained the original data but that was un-successful. Next I requested that the old data be deleted during the reinstall and normal Epic operation was restored upon running Epic. I had 14 bookmarks installed, all of which involved the Wayback Machine which was the only thing that was atypical about my Epic configuration. Remember that the only thing which was not working in Epic was the Wayback Machine which uses I put all the bookmarks back, with some cleanup, and added 3 more so the number of bookmarks now stands at 17 links which isn’t very large. It is also possible that I overload Eric, which I discuss below.

For the last 6 to 7 weeks the Wayback Machine has had a lot of problems which have NOT been acknowledged on their website. From my observations as a user, the Wayback Machine appears to consist to two categories of memory: short-term and long-term. During the period of difficulties parts of the short-term memory would completely disappear, for periods spanning several day, from the “Browse History” display page which provides a graphic view of the Archive. Then very slowly, sometimes spanning 7 days, the missing content was restored, a task for which I give the Archive high marks. We tend to forget that with the Wayback Machine now operating in near real-time, it was not too many years ago that the update latency was 6 months and not 6 seconds.

When using the Wayback Machine, there are things I can do with Epic which I can’t do with any other browser such as running several dozen page archives in parallel. This may also explain how I shot myself in the foot if one of these tasks didn’t terminate properly. In keeping with Epic’s commitment to Internet Freedom, there are some interesting synergies between Epic and the Wayback Machine which I will discuss in another post in the product enhancements section.

How may parallel tasks can Epic support? The Wayback Machine can be used as web-proxy browser and I could launch a very large number of tasks if I put my mind to it.

#4 Re: Epic Windows Bugs » Epic No Longer Working With » 2014-10-14 22:42:34

There are no problems with any other website when accessed via Epic. Only resources fail. I will try reinstalling Epic and also test from another PC.

#5 Epic Windows Bugs » Epic No Longer Working With » 2014-10-13 13:35:08

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I have been using Epic to access the Wayback Machine at every day for the past several months. This past Saturday 2014-10-11 the website is now being displayed as unformatted text. To the best of my knowledge I have not made any changes to Epic and is working with IE, Firefox and Chrome. Any suggestions?

#6 Re: Epic Privacy Browser - Help & Troubleshooting » Epic Creating Desktop Shortcut » 2013-12-04 12:11:08

I am sorry to report that latest Epic code [Version 31.0.1650.57 (196386); installed 2013-11-30], is again recreating the shortcuts on the Taskbar, Desktop and Quick Launch Bar. I really like the Epic Browser but the supporting software which comes with Epic is a disaster. If a newer code level is available, I will give it one try, otherwise I have going to have to delete Epic until such a time as the problem is fixed. I suspect that the installer software is going to have to be replaced. If there are any new developments, send me an Email or post here.


#7 Re: Epic Privacy Browser - Help & Troubleshooting » Google Rejecting Searches Via Epic Proxy Server » 2013-12-01 19:11:43

I am a corporate system administrator and run into this problem with Google all the time when you have thousands of users behind a single NAT’ed IP Address. Nine times out of ten the problem is caused by someone who is using a new toy from Google Labs and decides to take the software for a test drive and forgets to remove the parking break. In such situations we try to identify and contact the user but many times there is more than one user if we have a Zero Day situation for a new Google Toy. If the Proxy had multiple NAT’ed IP Addresses this would reduce the probability of being block-listed by Google but it will not eliminated it. Once and awhile there is real malware but not too often on a regulated corporate network.

If you want to have some real fun with Google, try asking their search engine the wrong question involving Googl’e advertising policies pertaining to Google Ad Words. You will receive a very sincere response from Google informing you that your computer has compromised by malware and for your own safety they are curtailing your access to the Google search engine until you have had your computer inspected by your local administrator, which in my case would be me! There are some questions which you must not ask Google otherwise you will be Scroogled.


#8 Re: Epic Privacy Browser - Help & Troubleshooting » Epic Creating Desktop Shortcut » 2013-12-01 18:28:58

I am very highly motivated to see Epic a success but the erratic behavior involving Auto-Pinning to the Taskbar and the re-installation of the Shortcut on the Desktop in very troubling. In addition to known problems the shortcut will also be reinstalled on the Quick Launch Bar and the “Start Menu”. I have a good friend who upon observing this erratic behavior in Epic deleted the software; when he observed residual fragments of what he believed to be Epic code connecting to the Internet, he reimaged his hard drive as this is his SOP for dealing with viruses and worms. I personally don’t believe that Epic is compromised with malware but there is a block of code which is not totally under the full control of Hidden Reflex. I am running a Win7-64 system and all recommended Microsoft updates are current; as are the anti-virus protocols. The code level of Epic I am now running is identified as: “Version (196386)”. I have reinstalled Epic multiple times and now run the DOS command “DIR epic* /a /s” and manually delete any trace of the last version of Epic before installing the newest version of Epic which I down for the website. I actually had Epic running for a two week period without incident and then the problem resumed, all by itself. I deleted the old Epic and removed any trace but the problem returned within a few hours but the newest reinstall appears to be different. Here is what I am observing:

Within a few minutes of rebooting my Windows system, Epic runs a process which updates the file “EpicUpdate.log” which is stored in two locations within Epic managed folders under “Users” and “ProgramData” and appears to be identical in content. Exactly one hour later and every hour thereafter the “EpicUpdate.log” files are updated. Every 12 hours after reboot and during the update of the log files, the problem with the recreation of the shortcuts occur, which have a date/time stamp identical to the log files. If the shortcut resides in a unique Epic folder, the folder is also recreated with the identical date/time stamp. If I manually delete “Epic Privacy Browser.lnk” and any associated folders, they are all back 12 hours later from the time of system reboot.

My primary question is why is Epic running a process every hour and why is it connecting to the Internet (i.e. constantly? If Epic is checking for updates, which it appears to be doing every hour, this is frankly overkill. This behavior is very troubling because it is not something stealth software should be doing. My second question is why are Epic executable files stored under the “Users” folder and not the “Program Files” folders?

I reinstalled Epic at 11/30/2013 10:12 AM EST, following my usual cleanup procedure first. I unpinned the shortcut from the Taskbar and removed the shortcut from Desktop but made no other changes to Epic. I didn’t install the shortcut on the Quick Launch Bar as I suspected that could be a possible source of difficulty. I didn’t copy my favorites from IE but I did upgrade from IE v10 to V11 which I was planning to do this weekend. I have run Epic a few times and my PC has been on for over 48 hours and so far there have been no problems and the logs are updated hourly;  but, I have had a run for 2 weeks without any incident. I will wait another 12 hours and add Epic to the Quick Launch Bar and see how that goes, and then another 12 hour paused. If all is well after that, I add back the Favorites from IE.

If Epic didn’t have so much potential, I would not be putting this level of effort into a browser. There are a unique set of conditions which trigger this problem and they need to be identified.

Is there a debug reporting mode in Epic which can be enabled any time an object is created?


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