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#2 Re: Epic Privacy Browser - Help & Troubleshooting » Only ONE proxy address...??? » 2013-10-14 05:19:21

While I may agree with the OP, your responses alok are weak and condescending and vague. Maybe your big brother should do the responding instead?

#3 Re: Epic Privacy Browser - Other Feature Requests & Ideas » Some of my Preferences » 2013-09-20 06:55:51

I dont know how the local dictionary is supposed to work in Epic but there are not right click options to use and misspelled words show only the wavy underline. If thats all there is, thats a major fail in my book.

Extensions, I have already posted in other threads my thoughts for some extensions. I would like to see more appearance features or features from add-ons.

Customizing the address bar may not seem important, but the bookmark bar mod should be much easier to change.

These little appearance mods are the reasons people will continue to choose Firefox/Waterfox regardless of the minor security and anonymity increases that Chromium might offer. If the dev team cant handle a few more appearance options, maybe you should get someone that can. Its a good start but I am like everyone else, I want MOAR!

#4 Re: Privacy News, Privacy Violations, Privacy Discussions » Epic Review & Suggestions » 2013-09-18 05:40:19

Thanks for clearing up the difference. I dont see the problem you described (with 4 browsers side-by-side) in my EPB.

#5 Re: Privacy News, Privacy Violations, Privacy Discussions » Epic Review & Suggestions » 2013-09-17 13:08:17

jsheehan wrote:

You guys are really responsive - thanks!

On Referer Control - if you'll be improving your blocking list soon, that would be enough for me. It would save people a lot of time messing with settings and so forth.

When signing in to Gmail, I notice there are a couple of ads on the login page that Epic doesn't block. There's an app for that:

Webmail Ad Blocker    3.2.1 cbhfdchmklhpcngcgjmpdbjakdggkkjp\3.2.1_0

This removes the ads and sponsored links and squeezes out the empty space left behind by other ad blockers to give you more room to write your message smile

There are several add-ons that will work. Adblock Edge is one that I use.

#7 Re: Epic Privacy Browser - Other Feature Requests & Ideas » Block Javascript please! » 2013-09-17 11:34:17

I agree too.

Noscript is really the best add-on to have. After that prolly HTTPS-Everywhere.

I'd like to add that part of the functionality of NOscript means we dont have to "go into settings" and change,add or subtract whatever it takes for each page to work and view or not view as we want, going into settings, when the default JS is off,  every time we visit a new page or old can become a hassle.

#8 Epic Privacy Browser - Other Feature Requests & Ideas » Some of my Preferences » 2013-09-17 11:11:48

Replies: 3

Bookmark Bar - allow Icons only (removing text) ability to resize icons 
Page Tabs - I like them below the Address Bar and sometimes even on the bottom bar.
Address Bar - able to Customize icon size and spacing, ability to add spaces so I can move page controls to toward the center. I have multi-monitors so not straining my next to the left is a plus.

Spellchecker? right click offers choice of words to correct

Future of Epic - limited extensions and add-ons as long as they dont interfere with it. Better Help descriptors and all around.

Aside from this, nice browser so far.

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